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Meet Brenda & Stephen Wiebe

Brenda & Stephen Wiebe is the owner of Custom Design

Brenda Wiebe has always had a crafty side, but she didn’t necessarily set out to make a business out of it. It was actually her mother-in-law who recognized her gift and saw great potential in Brenda. “She saw me making things from willows and weeds and she signed me up for the next Christmas craft sales,” says Brenda fondly. From then on, “I was hooked.” Brenda has since branched out to work with different materials but, she adds, “a little crafter is still what I am.”

Brenda has always been, first and foremost, a mom. Operating a home-based business has given her the freedom to earn an income while being available to her children. The flexibility of her work allows her to do important things like volunteer at her childrens’ school. Plus, when it comes to family, there is no better place to raise children than in the Hazeltons in Brenda’s opinion. “It is a safe environment,” she says, “and in some way everyone knows everyone.” This level of familiarity provides a feeling of security, knowing that everyone is looking out for each other. Even the business is a family affair, and Brenda incorporates her children in every part of it. They are crafters themselves, and they frequently make and sell their own crafts. “They get money for their piggy bank fund, and it teaches them the value of honest work, while it keeps us as a family working together,” Brenda states.

Brenda’s job really doesn’t feel like work because crafting is a passion, but she does feel privileged to be able use it to supplement her living. Even greater than any monetary reward, though, are the “thank-yous” and the positive comments that she gets from her customers. She loves the reactions she gets when a customer first sees an item that she has made for them. “I don’t ever expect to get rich from what I do,” Brenda says, “but seeing the look on someone’s face when they just got a unique item made for someone they love is a richness money cannot buy.”

Useful. Eccentric. Custom.

Custom Design offers a unique array of hand-made gifts, home decor and useful items. Artist Brenda Wiebe weaves her own distinctive design flair into every piece, many of which incorporate natural, wild and found items from nature. Guests will find pieces in glass, stainless steel, mirror etchings and wood (including her signature wooden bird feeders and bird houses). Custom Design hand made arts and crafts products are available at local craft fairs and directly from the artist. Custom orders welcome.

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  • Visit Custom Design and Brenda at the Hazelton Farmers Market or contact Brenda for further information.


  • South Hazelton, BC
  • Canada

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